Cheap auto insurance in MD and how to keep it cheap after a car crash


Finding cheap auto insurance in MD is not a simple task, but when you do, you feel great. Unless you have been in a car crash, that is. When this happens, we recommend you to remain calm and follow these steps:

• Collect evidence of the accident.

• Call the police to come to the accident scene.

• Consider what evidence is most relevant to what happened. Normally, both the police and insurance companies can use various classes of evidence to determine who was at fault. Photographs of the accident can help to establish what happened and the magnitude of the damage.

• Video cameras in both private and in public places can demonstrate what exactly happened.

• Damage to vehicles, brake marks, glass shatters, the paint or scratches on a car, and more can determine who caused the accident.

• Record drivers’ comments after the accident. The driver can receive most of the blame or all of the accident if he says “I’m sorry I hit you”, or mentions that he didn’t see the other.

• Talk to witnesses about what they saw. Most of the time drivers do not admit guilt. However, witnesses usually have a better perspective of an accident.

• Considers that Maryland is a state of concurrent negligence. According to this doctrine, those who contribute to their own damage cannot recover their losses, even if the negligent actions of the defendants were the main cause of the accident.

cheap auto insurance in MD

• Determining guilt in a car accident is an inexact science. The best way to present your case about who is guilty is to have tangible evidence of traffic law offenses or negligence. Your argument should be brief and straightforward so insurance companies can get interested in setting the claims quickly.